Our plagiarism Checking and Removal Services

Make my research helps to reduce Plagiarism under 10% by our experts manually by re-writing and paraphrasing the content with on-time delivery.

A plagiarism removal service becomes critical when you have used several references, or are studying a pre-existing research work. Research Gateway provides services for not just writing original research papers, but also to check for plagiarism in dissertation and thesis written by you. We use the best of tools to catch any traces of copying. It can very well be accidental, as the detailed research paper can have some parts or language that matches matter used elsewhere. Our plagiarism removal services are comprehensive and we rely on multiple checks to make sure there is no trace of uncertainty when we deliver you the research. We also provide you a report for the check conducted.

How it works

We shall check your document with latest and reliable plagiarism checking software and provide you with a match percentage that shall depict the extent to which your document is copied. While you may be aware of a few plagiarism mistakes, some others may have happened accidentally. Based on our report, you will be able to get rid of all kinds of plagiarism in your content.

What is plagiarism?

The most common offense under the Academic Code of Conduct is plagiarism, which defines as “Using someone else’s work in their own work without the proper consent, acknowledgment, or without a proper citation”.

When you submit a manuscript to any reputable journal it will be scrutinized for plagiarized content.

Why to remove plagiarism?

When a research scholar begins to write a thesis/research paper, their own ideas or the actual content is far less than the length they are asked to submit. As a result, the added literature and other content increase the Similarity index/Plagiarism value. This should be removed for the acceptance of the work.

How to check plagiarism?

There are a number of free platforms available to check the similarity value of a document online. You can use them for a quick idea about your Similarity index/Plagiarism value. However, these free platforms are unreliable as they provide reports that are not accepted by many universities. It is suggested to get your plagiarism checked by authentic software only.

Our Plagiarism Removal Services

We shall remove plagiarism in your thesis, dissertation or your research paper. Your document would be checked several times under our online plagiarism removal service to ensure originality and remove plagiarized content and would be replaced by fresh content. Correct citations would be made according to your university’s guidelines and paraphrasing of the existing content would be done in a way that its meaning remains unchanged.

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